1st project meeting – FINLAND

Tuesday, 29th September 2015

Morning on the first day of our meeting was great. At first our host, headteacher of Finish school, mr. Robert Backman introduce us short history of Finland, then he took us to the school tour. We saw clean, bright and nice school, with young teachers and polite pupils. Because every project needs an official logo, each school prepared a competition among the pupils. The best 3 logos from each school were taken to our first meeting.  Then we displayed them in teachers’ room and on the last day of our meeting each country chose one for a final.

After a short coffie break we got presentation of Finish school system.

Wednesday, 30th September 2015

Theme of our second day was Pre-school. Teachers from Finish pre-school reprisent us their cooriculum and their point of a view, they introduce us their sistem and work with kids of age 4-6 years. After the tour of pre-school we do some work shops on Padlet.


Thursday, 1st October 2015

We begin day with evaluvation of previous day and visiting library bus, which is coming to school once in a week. Than we went to a school library and we talked about the kids with special needs. We saw some methods that they use in Finland when they work with kids with special needs.


We had also logo competition votingLOGO. The coordinators wrote the number of the chosen logo and then we checked the results. With 75% of votes, a logo with pupils standing on books, dressed in flags of our countries and holding hands as friends do, won. That represents our connection between us and our love for books.