1st reading project SI


2016-02-10 08.47.25Our kids in Preschool love to read books. Even if they don’t know how to read, they love books. Especialy now, because they have their our reading books. They have mini sofas, mini book shell and mini table.

Every morning when they come to the preschool, the first thing is seating in the sofa of reading corner and check some books. And also in the afternoon, when their parents come to pick them to go home, they seat there with their parents and read books.

It is so nice to see them all together with parents in the reading corner and listen to the few different stories at the same time.


Reading project in class 7

Pupils from 7th grade went to public library, where they had visit of all departures of library, they get know the difference between school and public library, what do they have in common and had a short quiz. They love it, because it was for half of them for the first time, that they went in public library, especially in the “hidden” places where they could see really old books and get know something about the history of library.