2nd project meeting – GERMANY

Tuesday, 3rd April 2016

Morning in school begun with a welcome song of their kids. Their headteacher mr. Bernd welcome us and took us to the meeting room next to library. After short presentation of programme we went to school tour and visit of classrooms. In the afternoon we had workshops in city library, where we knew some new moves to teach kids how to read. And how to motivate them to read. After workshops we went to Zitadelle and had a tour.

Wednesday, 4th April 2016

We spend almost the whole day in classes, which was perfect. We get known some new methodes od teaching and reading. We also see the difficulties with reading with pupils with different home languages. In their school is 64 % of kids who don’t speak german or german language isn´t theil mother thoung. In second part of a day we met Berlin author Boris Pfeiffer. In the afternoon we had a nice “boat trip” and some “hop on hop off bus trip”.

Thursday, 5th April 2016

Last day of our project meeting started as ussually – with feedback from “yesterday”. As in all the schools, also here they have pupils with special need. So we take some more time to deal with them. We also wisited “welcome class” which is special one with “imigrant kids” and those who don´t understand german well. We saw also “Hexe Susi” programme for dislexia and after some visits of classrooms we closed the programm.


Reading project 8

Reading project Number 1- Rading in the hallways

 In September 2016 the pupils of my class 4b participated in another reading project. It was a four hour long project with the title: „Reading outside“. Unfortunately the weather was very bad and it was raining all day so I improvised and named the project instead: „Reading in the hallway.“

I had chosen a german-english kids magazine called: „Lux“ in which you can read short texts about animals, the weather, experiments and riddles.

The children had brought in towels and blankets in order to get cosy and comfortable while reading.

As a motivating introduction I read a story to the kids. Then they could chose a magazine and started reading. After reading for quite a while they had to answer a few questions about their magazines. The children could all keep their magazine and take it home and hopefully they will continue reading it at home …

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 Wotzka (classteacher)