4th project meeting – SLOVENIA


Before we started last Transnational project meeting in Slovenia, we took some time to visit Slovenia capital city Ljubljana. We used great suny day and take a little walk around old city center of Ljubljana, had great lunch and check a view from Ljubljana castle, where we get some informations about history of Slovenia, Ljubljana and Ljubljana castle.

1st day, Tuesday 28th March 2017

On the first day of our meeting in Primary school Šmarjeta we had a lovely welcome from our hosts. They show us a school and new kindergarten, then we took some benchmarkings on a special day specialized to astronomy. They prepared planetarium, where did the pupils get a lot of informations about our solar system. They they had workshops where they produced rockets. We had also workshop “IT equipment and the school library’s mission” with Romana Fekonja from National Education Institute.

We finished day one with local teachers at dinner, where we talked about differences of School education systems and exchange our experiances.

2nd day, Wednesday 29th March 2017

Our second day was full of benchmarkings. We observe their lessons and check how they use reading project strategies in class. We had also workshop with Jasmina Jevnikar about “Reading and teacher competence”. Afternoon we spend with local authorities where they present us their municipality and House of living heritage. They present us making of bread, sausage and at the end, we also tasted, what we prepare.

 3rd day, Thursday 30th March 2017

Last day in school we had some benchmarking in classes, then we went to special performance of ending Reading badge with the host ilustrator Izar Lunaček. After that we had 1 hour “talk show” with the guest, where we get know some new informations about ilustrating a book and making a comic books.

We spend afternoon in public library Miran Jarc in Novo mesto, where we checked their departments and had workshop “Coorporation with outside stake holders” held by Helena Brulc.

At the evening we spend some time together after dinner where we exchanged presents and get some certificates for our work.