4th reading project SI

Play after reading a story – 1st grade

Game text read – 3rd grade

For this project teacher choose two books, “Grozni Gašper in nori kečap” and “Grozni Gašper in Ljudožerski urok.” Pupils were devided into groups. They all must read both books, and then teacher assigned them one chapter from each book they have to play in front of other students. Task for pupils, who watches was, to figuer out witch book they represented and install the chapter into the story (they know what happened before and after this part of book).
Pupils learn understanding wider look of reading, even they have task to play just one chapter. They also show us how they imagine the reading text and show words through the game.

Telephone with written words – 5th grade

We choose a simple part of text with two sentences. We play a game called telephone, where pupils were sitting round. First pupil in round said text message on ear to second one, he wrote it on paper first, than he talk it further. Pupils learning listen carefully, write down on paper text and tell it on next pupil. Some of pupils have problems remember even just two sentences and they released the words and at the end come out some funny sentences.