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2nd project meeting in Berlin, Germany

From 4th to 8th April 2016 we had 2nd project meeting in Berlin. German team did a great job and we saw some interested things. More about 2nd meeting you can read on our page “project meetings” or in movie.

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Czech reading project

Bible, Legends and Myths , Fairy tales by 6th graders The kids love using e-readers and all of them enjoyed the project so much. 6th Grade cz reading project

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Reading in Základní škola 1. máje Hranice

This was a really big challenge for the children because they have been learning how to read only for a very short period of time and this was their first reading task.You can check how they all managed. 1st grade_fairytales … Beri naprej

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discussing about the project

Finnish headmaster Robert Backman discussing project Read to succeed with Dr. Murray Gadd from New Zeeland. The exhange of experiences took place at the National board of education in Helsinki 11:th of March.

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reading corner in preschool in Slovenia

Our kids in Preschool love to read books. Even if they don’t know how to read, they love books. Especialy now, because they have their our reading books. They have mini sofas, mini book shell and mini table. Every morning … Beri naprej

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RTS dictionary

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Happy Christmas from Czech Republic

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christmas song from Finland

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Reading at Christmas

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reading in Finland

FIRST GRADE Here the first graders were reading quietly in the classroom before they started with other tasks. A ruler can be useful to other things than mathematics. THIRD GRADE FOURTH GRADE

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