reading corner in preschool in Slovenia

2016-02-10 08.47.25Our kids in Preschool love to read books. Even if they don’t know how to read, they love books. Especialy now, because they have their our reading books. They have mini sofas, mini book shell and mini table.

Every morning when they come to the preschool, the first thing is seating in the sofa of reading corner and check some books. And also in the afternoon, when their parents come to pick them to go home, they seat there with their parents and read books.

It is so nice to see them all together with parents in the reading corner and listen to the few different stories at the same time.

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Grundschule am Amalienhof – reading

Reading project number two (by: Dolphins Years 1 and 2 combined and Bears (Years 1 and 2))

Our next reading project was called: “Buchstabenbaum“ (The Alphabet tree). It is based on a book by Leo Leonni.
A strong wind blows most of the letters off the alphabet tree and those that remain hide among the branches. Then a bug and a caterpillar come along and teach them how to arrange themselves into words and sentences to form a special message.
The picture book was was either read by students or read to the kids by a teacher.
Our project was divided into five parts.
We started with the creation of the „Alphabet tree“, where each student wrote already know letters into the leaves of the tree.
In the second part we talked about fear and what to do against it. We worked in small groups with teachers, caretakers and reading tutors.
Next, we made words out of the letters, like the bug had suggested in the book. Because as a group or team, the letters are much stronger against the wind than by themselves.
In the fourth part of the project, we formed sentences out of the words. This was especially fun with dice and other games. Our Year 1 children were extremly proud to write their first sentences.
At the end, we found out the key sentence with the main message of the book: Peace on earth throughout the people.
The children drew the letters in their art lesson and made a big banner out of them.
We talked about peace and how important it is for all of us. As the caterpillar in the book did, we wanted to share our message with everyone and hung our banner by the entrane, for everyone to see.

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Norra Korsholm



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RTS dictionary

2016-01-04 14.35.10

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Czech Večerniček anniversary

Večerniček anniversary

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Czech adventure on Orinoco

Adventure on Orinoco

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Happy Christmas from Czech Republic

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christmas song from Finland

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Reading at Christmas

Christmas bingo

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reading in Finland


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Here the first graders were reading quietly in the classroom before they started with other tasks. A ruler can be useful to other things than mathematics.



The pupils were working in pairs. Here they are presenting their book in a classic book report.


The third graders are dramatizing a story in the school library.


The pupils had also a task to build an own character an tell the other pupils about the environment which their characters are living in.



The pupils are drawing some characters on a window.


One part of the project was to write an own fictive story about one of the characters.


The checklist of all the tasks in the reading project.

The pupils were borowing books from the Book Bus.

The pupils were borrowing books from the Book Bus.

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