the Czech Republic

Zakladni skola Hranice,Tr. 1. maje prispevkova organizace is school from Hranice, Czeck Republic

We are a public school located in the centre of Hranice, a town which is about 30 km from Olomouc, the county town. Hranice has the population of about 20 000 and it is surrounded by many small villages. We are one of the three schools with about 750 pupils aged 6 – 15. All pupils learn English language from the age of 6 which is in accordance with our educational programme and they may choose the second language when they are 11. They have the opportunity to learn German, Russian or French language.
The background of our students is different. There are those who come from complete families but nowadays many pupils are brought up in single parent families. We also have pupils who come from Vietnam as this community is increasing quite fast in our region. We also have some pupils with learning difficulties and they follow individual plans. Some of them attend a morning club where they practice the Czech language and discuss the problems they have in lessons. Many of them work hard and with the help of our teachers they are able to manage very well.
2015-09-25 13.26.51The pupils from the age of 6 to 8 have the opportunity to join the afternoon clubs where the range of activities is wide. They do drama, play games, make pottery products, get to know computers and their almost unlimited possibilities, visit places such as a hospital, library, fire station, police station etc. and what is more spend their free time in a sensible way while their parents are at work.
We have been very successful considering sports activities –both individual and team ones. All our pupils have an opportunity to attend a skiing course when they are in their 5th grade and again in their 7th grade. They also attend a swimming course every school year beginning at the age of 6 and finishing at the age of 11. We find sport activities very important for the children’s development.
We also have a library which is opened once a week for those who would like to find a book of their interest and have a talk with our Czech teachers about it. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for it so it a part of a regular classroom.
There are 2 gyms for our pupils available for PE lessons and for some clubs in the afternoon. Unfortunately, until now we do not have a proper sport field because there was not enough money for such a big project at our council.  Last year, with the help of the government and the council, a new sport field was started to be built. In September 2015, it is going to be open for public and the needs of our pupils and PE teachers. We have many interactive boards and data projectors so all teachers are able to liven up their lessons.  We took part in a Comenius project in 2013-2014 called “See, taste and hear – that is our land”. It was our first international project and almost all school community took part in different ways. We were able to get to know different cultures, learned about their customs, meals, dances, found new friends and got inspirations for our lives and school activities. In 2015 we were approved of a Erasmus Plus project called “Try walking in my shoes”. This time we are learning not only about different cultures but also about the history of the countries, tolerance and we also practise English in a written form. Pupils started to change e-mails and learn about each other. Our school also has the status “Parents welcomed”. We also recycle paper, plastics and electric devices so we got the certificate for  “Recyklo hraní” and collect old paper.  We are well-known for this activity so even strangers come and support us.
Every school year we organise a project in which pupils cooperate among the classes. We try to combine the classes so there is quite a big age difference so pupils have the chance of seeing either the youngest or, the other way round, the oldest in action. We had many various themes such as European Day of Languages, Water, Hranice and last year we started with reading stories to our primary level children (6-11). It was a great success among the whole school.
Although, our pupils do not wear uniforms they are pretty much disciplined and the environment is very friendly. Teachers know pupils by their first names and there are not any anonymous pupils.
Our school is a very dynamic and active. Last year we opened the first bilingual class in Olomouc region so 18 children learn both languages equally.