Our coordinator partner is Norra Korsholms Skola from Korsholm near Vaasa in Finland.

norra_korsholm_banner-{b374x-xefxx-xricn}Norra Korsholms skola (the school of Northern Korsholm) is a primary school in Karperö in Korsholm, (Korsholm in Swedish, Mustasaari in Finnish) on the west coast of Finland. Korsholm is a modern, growing rural-island municipality surrounding the city of Vaasa on almost every side. Korsholm has a population of 19 296 (December 2014). Norra Korsholms skola is a Swedish speaking school. In Finland we have two languages, Finnish and Swedish. The Swedish-speaking population in Finland amounts to about 5 %.
We have 240 pupils (aged 7-12) and 19 teachers in our primary school. Since autumn 2014 we also have 46 pupils(aged 6) and 6 members of staff in preschool. In Finland it is compulsory to attend preschool. Preschool education is of great importance when it comes to the early detection of need for support for growing and learning, to provide support while preventing difficulties.
We want Norra Korsholms skola to be a positive, active and pleasant school with a safe environment where everyone can experience a successful education. In our school all pupils are to receive good basic skills in all subjects. We also have pupils with specific needs. Our pupils´well-being is highly priorited and the school also has well-arranged special education. We use varying methods and Information Technology is a natural part of teaching in all forms. Among school activities are several interesting projects which constantly develop our school in many different ways.