Osnovna šola Šmarjeta is primary school from Šmarjeta, Slovenia

2012-12-17 14.13.35Our school is located in a small village Šmarjeta. It is a primary school, located in the countryside. It isn’t big school. It has around 290 pupils. It is a mainstream school, which follows the national concept of integration among others also including pupils with special needs, who receive the necessary professional help. Otherwise, Osnovna šola Šmarjeta is closely connected to tourism, since it is located near SPA called Šmarješke Toplice, known for a thermal spring. The school also tries to promote a healthy diet and a healty life and is therefore involved in The European Network for Promotiting Healty Schools. It also tries to raise ecological awareness between the employees, pupils and locals by taking care of the school surrounding and recycling.
We participated in few of the projects like European Village, Europe in school, Growing up with book, E-Twinning, Comenius, Erasmus plus. We prepare some culture events on non-obligatory school activities like Theatre club and Art class. Our kids are happy to join in School choir, School folk dance group, Gardening club, English club, Reading badges …
Our school is set in the heart of the nature, surrounded by the forest. We have our own pond, bee yard, a small stable and small school forest. There are a lot of plants and different flowers growing in the surroundings.
Near the school, we have also kindergarden with 170 kids.